What quality do you need, can I just film something on my phone?

Of course. But please try to rotate your phone and film it in the widescreen (landscape) format rather than upright (portrait) so we don’t have to have those blurry bits at the sides. Try and get as close to your subject as possible, otherwise the sound may not be that great.

Can my film be longer than 3 minutes?

No, soz. Time is money and all that…

Can my film be shorter than 3 minutes?

Yes. Short and brilliant beats not so short and not so brilliant.. but more than 10 seconds though, eh?

Can I use footage I already have?

Yes, we will accept anything going back to March 2020 and in some cases back to 2019 events if they haven’t happened since due to Covid. You might consider adding a PS to it that updates it to now? For example looking back in a review of your year.

Can I do one of my own songs?

Yes, provided it matches one of the themes, of course you can! If it doesn’t, we promise to watch it anyway and will leave you a lovely comment 🙂

Can I put music to my film?

Yes but please let us have the artists names and publishers details so that we can ask their permission. Or use ‘out of copyright’ material. Like Beethoven’s Ode to Joy perhaps..?

Do I have to do this door opening thing at the beginning?

Yes, cheeky! This is the brief and is based on the idea of an Advent Calendar. And when we stitch all 25 films together it will signal the change from one film to another.

Do I have to chose a day slot in December?

No, we will curate all the entries and decide the broadcast order. If your film has a number connection or an anniversary or some other reason you want a specific date in December please request it, saying why, and we will do our best for you.

Who has the copyright?

You do!

Will I get a credit?

Yes, we will produce credits to go at the end of your film. We’ll be in touch about that if your film is selected.

Will the films be shown anywhere other than YouTube?

Not that we know of.. but you never know!

I’m a pro movie maker, can I still submit?

Err, yep!

What if I have more questions?

Fire ’em over to ahoy@joyproject.uk

Where can I see all the films?