Things to think about

Hey folks, this challenge is really all up to you! It’s your interpretation of our themes; hope, joy, anticipation, excitement, arrivals and new beginnings. Whatever those things mean to you. However you reckon they have helped you get by in this very strange year that we’ve had.

So what we’re saying is that there are no rights and wrongs. Get creative. See what stories your heart wants to tell.

All we are really doing is giving you a framework by focussing on the uplifting and inspirational, making it 3 minutes max duration and stipulating that each mini-movie must start with the opening of a door. Any kind of door, again that’s up to you. It could be a car door, a tent door or the door to a hedgehog hotel. Look around the world and you will see far more doors than just the ones letting us into buildings!

We recommend that you think just as hard about your ending, your final shot, the emotion you want your audience to be left with.. that doesn’t mean you can ignore the bit in-between but beginnings and endings are vitally important!

Also think about SOUND. This can be very tricky to get right. If you’re filming your story on a phone it means you are going to have to get pretty close to your subject.