2020 eh?

It has been a tough year for everyone. But there is hope. And at joyproject.uk we decided to celebrate that possibility by UP-loading a series of UP-lifting films to YouTube throughout December.

1 x mini-movie @ 3 minutes x 25 days. A daily feel-good fest from Dec 1st to 25th with each film starting with the OPENING OF A DOOR. A nod to that familiar festive favourite, the Advent calendar. What goodies will we discover behind closed doors..?

All the films will be submitted by members of the public (WE NEED YOU!) in response to the themes of hope, joy, anticipation, excitement, arrival, new beginnings… see Guidelines and FAQ’s for further help and inspo.

Erm, we also need HEAVILY PREGNANT WOMEN leading up to the final film on the 25th Dec… if fact we need A BANK OF 10-15 heavily pregnant women who have due dates anytime around the 25th… the last day of the project… can you tell where we’re going with this…?

Thanks for stopping by, look forward to hanging with you for a while.. you can never have too many joyful besties!

Peace out,